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For more than 30 years, Lou Branchev, owner of L.I. Modern Marble & Kinetic Stone based in Oxnard, California, serving Ventura & Santa Barbara County, has prided himself on knowing stone and what type of stone products work best in custom interior settings. "It's not just what looks best, but also appearance after use and maintenance. That's very important to the client who wants the esthetic look of stone in their home," he insists. "It means being aware of details and being trained to understand what needs to be done."


  Lou and his large team of trained fabricators and installers work with the contractors, engineers, architects, designers and owners to make sure that the stone selected is right for the intended use and that it matches not only the surrounding interior but also the owners furnishings. "We offer not only stone that will add to the feeling and style of the home, but also a product that is engineered and installed correctly and safely so that it functions as it has been designed to function. For example, some granite slabs weigh more than 1,000 pounds and we are trained to make sure it is installed right and that whether it's in the shower or part of a fireplace, that it does the job it's been fabricated to do." he adds.


   Lou worked for several years with other fabricators before starting his own buisness in the late 1980s. Busy with custom residential and commerical projects ranging from Santa Barbara to San Diego, he makes a special point of taking the client through the stone yard to select slabs and colors, even to the point of traveling to exotic quarries with them to bring home the correct stone. "People love the shopping experience and I find it personally satisfying to see their happiness when the finished product is so beautiful. Stone features in custom homes will look good for the life of the home. It's important to make sure it's right. You might say we leave no stone unturned."


  • Lou Branchev


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