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For over three decades, Lou Branchev, the Owner of L.I. Modern Marble & Kinetic Stone in Oxnard, California, has been dedicated to mastering stone craftsmanship, specializing in custom interior applications. Serving Ventura and Santa Barbara County, Lou emphasizes the importance of selecting stone not only for its initial beauty but also for its durability and maintenance requirements, ensuring it complements the aesthetic desires of homeowners.

Lou's extensive team of skilled fabricators and installers collaborates closely with contractors, engineers, architects, designers, and homeowners. This collaboration ensures the stone chosen is suitable for its intended use, aligns with the interior design, and harmonizes with the homeowner's furnishings. Lou highlights their commitment to providing stone that enhances the home's ambiance, and assures that their products are engineered and installed with precision and safety. He notes the complexity of installations, such as accurately setting heavy granite slabs, to guarantee they fulfill their functional purpose.

Before founding his business in the late 1980s, Lou gained experience working with other fabricators. His business now undertakes custom residential and commercial projects from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Lou takes a hands-on approach, guiding clients through the selection process, from visiting stone yards to choose slabs and colors, to traveling to exotic quarries. He finds immense satisfaction in the clients' joy and the beauty of the finished product, affirming his commitment to excellence with the statement, "We leave no stone unturned."


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